Sunday, September 26, 2010

Almost a year to the day since I last posted.

Today I find myself visiting a friend in Perth. Now, I knew, when I started packing for this outing, that this is a friend who tends to inspire creativity in me. And, just lucky for me, I had a project in mind.

For the past year, I've been working on a series of vignettes focused narrowly around the theme of modern-day fairytales. Much more recently, I have learned the art of Japanese book binding. With a small amount of prompting from some friends of mine, I was persuaded to the idea of writing up and binding these stories into little chapbooks that look a little something like this:

The Fairy Girl 2

I'm pretty pleased with it. Covered with black cartridge paper, the spine has been sewn with green embroidery thread. You can see the ink and dip pen I've used to write with in the picture. For a better look at the writing itself:

The Fairy Girl 1

The story inside is my take on W. B. Yeats' poem 'The Stolen Child', but from the fairy changeling's point of view. The next story, which I've just started working on, is about a changeling girl who's grown up with a human family and experiences some amount of disconnect. It's the writing from this story that's visible in the picture above.

Currently still deciding whether these will be put up on my etsy page. At the moment, I'm liking being able to hold and look at my new creative pretties!