Monday, September 27, 2010

Insomnia & Cover designs

Last night, was a lovely night. I'd just been in the spa, had two glasses of muscat, showered then sat copying out the latest story for my next chapbook. About the time it got to be able twelve, I was fairly relaxed. I wasn't exhausted, but I was happy to have some sleepy-time.

Ha ha, I realise now. Famous last words.

I commenced to lay in bed, eyes closed, wide awake, for a full hour before I got up to jot some creative ideas down. For, you see, I've recently found a couple of mixed media collages on etsy, and they have inspired me! I don't assume that I can do anything so striking as the ones you'll see there. But it occurred to me, the last picture you guys saw, my front cover was rather... blank.

The Fairy Girl (cropped)

Not that interesting. I knew that I could do better than that, but I just didn't know what yet. Hey presto, at just after one o'clock in the morning, I had much more of an idea, a projected sketch that I simply had to get up out of bed at one in the morning to do.

projected sketch

Crepe paper and ribbons and feathers and coins, brightly coloured and striking. The more I get into this craft stuff, the more I realise I miss primary school art. You know, before they started telling you how to do art *right*.

Anyway, most of the materials I want to use are at my real home, in Melbourne. So when I get back there, I'm sure to have more photos of my latest experiment.

And hopefully, by posting here, I'll manage to get to sleep tonight...