Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Character sketches -- some speed writing

"So you see," he said, over a glass of drink, and with the slumped shoulders of someone who had already had quite a few of them, "The situation is more than anyone could have born."

The redheaded bartender nodded her head sympathetically, and handed over another drink.

"Cheers." This time, the bartender poured herself a drink as well. As Matthew picked up his shot, his clinked it against the glass she'd poured for herself. They both drank deeply.

"Where are you staying tonight?" Charlie asked.

Dejected--looking into his drink as though there should be more--Matthew shrugged his shoulders.

"Alright then, you're staying with me." Picking up her coat, she dragged it over her shoulders. Reaching for his, she threw it onto him before leaning into the staff only section behind the bar. "I'm signing off."

The other man on shift nodded and waved his hand vaguely. He was on the phone. Charlie didn't wait. Grabbing hold of Matthew's arm, she commenced to drag him out of the Fad Bar and Gallery.


It wasn't easy being the one gay friend in a group of football loving yobs. Especially not around Grand Final season. They left the ground, already half pissed from drinks had all game, and then had in excess through the final quarter. He doubted they were the only St Kilda fans who were going to have a heady hang over the following day. Come to think of it, there were going to be a lot of sad Geelong fans going into work come Monday.

Now that he thought of it, he figured he might be coming down with that hang over a little bit early.

Thomas kept him standing, at least long enough to get him into the cab. Wouldn't go in there with him, of course. Wouldn't want to risk catching the gay. Gary muttered a slurred thanks he didn't really mean, and told himself that tomorrow it wouldn't matter as the cab pulled away.

Tomorrow it wouldn't matter. Until it did matter. Just the same as always. But soon, he'd be able to close his eyes and go far away into a world where none of this even mattered. In fact, Gary could feel his eyes starting to close even as the cab meter started ticking up the fare of his ride.


Darcy jumped awake. Her wrist was damp and she realised she'd been drooling on it; realised too that it was 4 in the morning and she had fallen asleep while trying to get an essay in on time, again. And this week it was worse, because this week it was supposed to be holidays!

Wiping the inside of her wrist absently against her tracksuit pants, Darcy moved things on her bedside table so there would be room to put her laptop when she shut it off. And didn't look at it tomorrow until after her lunch date with Matthew.

And didn't look at it tomorrow until after her lunch date with Matthew.

She sighed as her body touched down on and swiftly relaxed into the mattress of her bed. Her head felt as though it was blissfully sinking into the pillow. She sighed once more, grabbing her blankets around her, and then she fell asleep.


Matthew woke up to a glass of water being held up in front of him, and the indulgent look Renee baring down on him.

"I heard it was a big night last night."

Before he could reply, a full-grown Alsatian bumped into the back of Renee's leg in an effort to get to Matthew first. A couple of drops fell from the jolted glass, but the majority of liquid came from the dog's tongue, before Matthew could lift his arm to defend himself.

"Looks like you're going to wear it if you don't take it." Renee put out the water glass right near his hand again. This time, Matthew took it.

"Ah well, Grand Final night. You know how it is." He'd already had the excuse prepared. "We didn't wake you when we came in last night?"

"No." Renee left his side, and went about opening the curtains of the living room. The large dog looked torn, half stepped after Renee, then licked Matthew's arm for good measure.