Saturday, September 13, 2008

Life Update.

So! To catch up, I moved house in the first week of August. That move carried with it about the usual amount of stress and upheaval. Internet has and hasn't worked on my laptop, since then, fairly intermittantly, and my computer harddrive completely crashed once as well. Thankfully, I recovered everything and have a shiney new harddrive in the old machine, so that is as good as it gets!

My mother had another heart attack around the middle of August. That has meant that I haven't really been concerned about whether or not I have the internet at home, being as that my spare time hasn't really been spent on a computer in any case.

And lastly, most exciting and least stressful of the lot, my birthday occurred this weekend, on the 12th of September, making me a full rounded 25 years of age.

Anyway, I'll no doubt have much to add on fantasy and writing elements again soon enough.



Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi, Nikki, my name is Gary Deihl and I too am a writer of "mythical fantasy" which I post on my website I was wondering how you defined "mythical fantasy"? I see you don't blog often, but I look forward to your response.