Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On Conventions

I've given a lot of thought to promotions in person. More thought recently, that is, in the last month, since I know that Tease Publishing his heavy on author promotions. So I've been looking into a few conventions, namely Context 21 in Ohio, USA.

Now, a friend of mine who grew up in American, has been recently looking at ticket prices for a visit back home on holiday. Obviously, the off season tickets will be cheaper than peak season. Still, from Melbourne, Australia, the cost to Ohio would be steep, and that's without looking at hotel accommodations and the like.

This is where we get to thinking that writing from Australia to an American market is not unlike shooting oneself in the foot.

But no! I have been following the Australian Romance Readers Convention on Blogger (Yes, I am another person who is utterly addicted to the thing) and not only do I find that they are holding the convention -not in Sydney, but in Melbourne- I find that they are holding it, literally, within walking distance from my house.

Held on February 20-22, 2009. Of course, by that stage, I'll almost certainly have moved house to somewhere a little further out of the city, but okay, I'll be taking a train five stops instead of walking. I don't think I look fussed by that. On the whole, I feel excited!!

One of the speakers already picked up is Sherrilyn Kenyon, and for sure there will be the usual panels and various convention details that make conventions so exciting.

So. I'll definitely be going to that, picking up tickets as soon as they are available. I just have to wait for it to roll around, now.

Nikki Watson.