Friday, April 11, 2008

Fellowship of the Rings, a beginning. ;)

Right, so I said I was reading the Lord of the Rings for the first time, right? Starting with Fellowship. Well, here is what I think so far...

Chapter One.
Hobbits: Yay, Gandalf is awesome!!
Bilbo: Gandalf, my old friend.
Gandalf: Bilbo, give me the ring.
Bilbo: Don't wanna. :(
Gandalf: Bilbo...
Bilbo: Don't wanna! >:(
Gandalf: Bilbo!
Bilbo: Okay. Oh, I feel better now. Right, I'm heading off now.

Chapter Two.
Hobbits: Ooh, don't know if we trust that strange Gandolf character since Bilbo went and disappeared. Bilbo always was real crazy.
Sam: But I hear that there are Elves nearby, and they are so cool.
Hobbits: Yes Sam.
Gandalf: *reappears*
Frodo: Gandalf, my old friend!
Gandalf: Have you got the ring?
Frodo: Yes...
Gandalf: You must destroy it.
Frodo: *throws in the fire*
Gandalf: That won't work.
Frodo: *gives it to Gandalf*
Gandalf: Frodo!
Frodo: Fine, I'll carry it.
Sam: Yay, we'll get to see Elves!!

Chapter Three.
Gandalf: Hurry, go from here, I'll really, really be back to see you before you go.
Frodo: Really?
Gandalf: Yes really. *goes*
Frodo: Where's Gandalf?
Sam: Elves!! Let's go, quickly, Elves!!
Frodo: No seriously, where's Gandalf?
Sam: But Eeeelves!!
Frodo: Okay, guess we'll see Gandalf on the way...
Sam: Eep, a Black Rider!
Pippin: Was that really a Black Rider?
Frodo: Of course he was. Didn't you see that sniffing thing he did??
Pippin: Ooh! Eep, another Black Rider.
Gildor: Hello! I am an Elf. You should travel with us, because Gandalf is not here and with us, you will be safe.
Sam: (Yay, *squee*, Elves!!)

Nikki Watson. ;)