Monday, April 21, 2008

Danae's story

I am one those people who believe that every person has a novel in them. As a writer, I write novels all the time. Not all of them are especially good, and those are the ones that I hope good editors will help me pick up, or inform me that I need to do massive rewrites before I will even look at them.

For me, this concept that I am looking forward towards has the feel of that one great novel that every person will, or has the capacity to write in their lifetime.

In reference to the novel I spoke about in my last post -we will give it here the working title of Danae's story- I have sat down to discover a split narrative in the beginning that was never present in any of the previous incarnations of the writing of the story. This has presented some problems, as well as some obvious excitement.

One - The split narrative encompasses the story of the main character's parents. This is great, as both of her parents come from minor races within Danae's world, and in following their stories up to, and just following Danae's birth, this will give me a chance to look at a part of the world that would not have been immediately visible through the eyes of the character, Mikael, in the scene I depicted last time.

Two - Always before, Mikael started the story just before coming across the four year old girl child, Danae, whom he is to take a guardianship of. This potentially causes me some issues with reconciling the original timeline to what I have now, but I have faith that it will be something through which I can persevere.

I've also been doing some reading on politics for my Liberal Arts course this week, and that can only help me with the political situation of the main cities of Danae's story.

Nikki Watson.


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