Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Post.

So here I am at blogger. This site comes highly recommended to me by my friend, Katrina Strauss. I figure I might give it a try, considering as how I have a blogger account from my gmail address.

Hi, all! I'm Nikki Watson and you can find my work over at I currently have one book out with them, called "Changeling: Of Elves and Men" and have just contracted my second book with NCP, called "Ascent: Of Elves and Men".

As you can tell from the titles, I'm a bit of a fan of the fantasy elements. I'm not quite sure when that started. I could probably blame it on the multitudes of beautiful artwork I am a fan of.

John William Waterhouse perhaps.

No, truthfully, I just like fantasy. Let's face it, you can get away with more within the constraints of a fantasy world. The lines of good and evil are blurred. That gives the writer a lot to play with.

So, this is my blog at blogger. I hope that I'll end up using it productively, instead of as a procrastinating tactic when I'm at a loss at what to write in my current novel. I guess we'll see.

Until next time, my sweets.


Marly Mathews said...

Hey Nikki!

Great to see you on blogger!


mandymroth said...

Blog looks GREAT, Nikki!

Love the background!

Evanne Lorraine said...

Hi Nikki,

Welcome the the blogasphere!

Unknown said...

Thank you all for such a beautiful reception here. I now feel suitably welcomed to the "blogasphere". *laughs*

I'm glad you think so, Mandy!!