Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fairies vs Superstition

Yesterday I happened upon a situation where I was just so glad that I'd thought to write up my current WIP, a mature aged fairy story, down in long hand. I'd had my morning hot chocolate, put on some music, sat in front of the computer, and double clicked on the Word version of my document when it told me it didn't exist.


I held my breath, and tried again, very calmly, and on second try, it turned out it was there after all.*

Now, when I started my current project, I told myself that I knew there would be a higher likelihood of technology blunders during the creation process. While perhaps elves, and the Sidhe, are considered more elegant, even regal, in their manner, the little calf high fairies are constantly seen for their mischief making.

This is not something I have ever had cause to dispute. Lost keys, blame it on the fairies. Lights in the house turned on when you know they were all off the last time you were there, fairies. And while my writing of this story hasn't exactly changed my mind about the subject of mischief making fairies, I did question myself as to whether it was my own suggestion that something would go wrong that made it more likely that it did, rather than the fairies trying to sabotage a story that is being written about them.

*(Of course, it was more likely to be my virtual memory running low at that exact moment in time that caused the trouble...)