Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Snow Queen

And I'm back from the beach and reading up on my very own copy of The Grimm Brothers, Complete Fairy tales, which does, in fact, include the elusive story, The Juniper Tree. Apparently, that's been excluded from several editions because there was no way to soften it. Can't say that I'm familiar with the story just yet, but no doubt I'll report back on here when I have gotten to it and read it.

Funnily enough, it was thinking of Hans Christian Anderson that got me to picking up the Grimm Brothers again. I know some people have their fairy tale teller favorites, but for me, I just like them both.

I've noticed lately, however, much to my horror, that there are people out there who aren't familiar with my favorite of Hans Christian Anderson's stories, The Snow Queen.

Growing up, this was my very favorite fairy tale. I was endlessly sad every time Disney came out with a new adaption to a fairy tale and it wasn't The Snow Queen, because I'm an unrelenting Disney fan too. Or at least, a fan of the old school cartoon movies, anyway.

I had a picture book that told fairy tales through the seasons, so it started with the Spring relevant stories, went through Summer fairy tales, on to Autumn fairy tales, and finally to Winter, where my beloved Snow Queen fairy tale was located. I must have read that every other week when I was little. I unfortunately don't know where that picture book ended up, and I've never been able to find it since, but my memory of it is still pretty potent.

Because I thought that everyone should be familiar with The Snow Queen, I took the three seconds on Google to find a copy of it on

The Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Anderson

Nikki Watson


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Nikki! Hope your break was relaxing. :) We didn't go anywhere, but enjoyed the four-day weekend anyway.

You know, I purchased a copy of The Grimm Brothers, Complete Fairy tales at the beginning of this year and can't wait to get stuck into them. I want to get through the whole book, one story at a time.

And thanks for the link, too. Although I haven't ever actually read it, I've often wondered about it.

Unknown said...

The Snow Queen is a wonderful one! I dearly hope that you enjoy it, sweetheart.

I'm getting through the Grimm Brothers one story at a time as well. I'm getting them read in the mornings before I have to go out for school, and it's great to have a place for me to put my opinions down as I read through them! :)