Friday, March 28, 2008

Brother and Sister - Another story courtesy of the Brothers Grimm

Continuing to read through my bible-like Brothers Grimm, I have found another story that is one of my favorites from childhood, though I don't remember then that it was given the name simply Brother and Sister. So I will try to give a simple outline of it here.

The brother, once leaving the family home with his sister, gets turned into a roebuck by the evil machinations of token evil step mother, but come the King's hunt, he can't resist being a part of it. He wants to go, but the sister stays him in their house, giving him the password of 'My little sister, let me in.' He goes, and is chased, but on the second day, one of the King's men follow him and tell the King of the apparent roebuck's words. On the third day, the King comes to the house before the brother, says the password, and the sister opens the door. He is, of course, overwhelmed by her beauty and sweet disposition and asks her to marry him, she of course says yes, and when the step mother is killed for her evil deeds, the brother reverts back to his human form.

I'd like to add this as a second fairy tale to my list that I would like to rewrite... sometime.

Nikki Watson.