Monday, July 21, 2008

More on my take of Fellowship of the Ring ;)

I realised a little while ago that someone replied to my last post on Fellowship of the Ring, and I realised, I had more of this written, but hadn't shared it on here yet.

So, here are the chapters four to seven, just for something a little bit different and more fun. ;)


Chapter four
Frodo: You're seriously still coming with me on this quest?
Sam: The Elves told me to. 'Don't you leave him, Sam' and I don't mean to.
Frodo: I thought Gandalf said that to you...?
Sam: Do you see Gandalf anywhere around here?
Frodo: Well, that's a point.
Pippin: *wakes up*
Farmer Maggot: *hoists scythe over fields*
Frodo: Eep!
Pippin: Huh?
Frodo: You know, Farmer Maggot! Eep!
Pippin: What are you talking about? He's great, and he gives me and Merry mushrooms whenever we want!
Hobbits: Mmm Angel mushrooms!
Pippin: So, onwards! Farmer Maggot! It's me! Pippin! And here's Frodo Baggins, and...
Farmer Maggot: Baggins, eh? Oh, do come inside. I have mushrooms. You'll be wanting to get to Buckland soon. There's been people looking for you.
Frodo: Umm... yeah, I don't really wanna talk about it.

Chapter five
Hobbits: *arrive at Buckland*
Frodo: *still procrastinates about talking about it*
Merry: Stop shuffling, Frodo. Let me tell you your own story.
Frodo: You want to what now?
Merry: Well, once upon a time, there was a Ring, and it was bad. And then your Uncle Bilbo found it, and that was bad. But he was older and so harder to spy on, so I only really found out about everything once he gave it to you. And it was still bad.
Frodo: ... How do you know all of this?
Merry: Pippin knows too.
Frodo: I thought I had been so good at keeping the secret.
Merry: Oh, and Sam knows. It was Sam who told us everything.
Sam: ....
Frodo: ... Sam?
Sam: ... *blush* I only had your best interests in heart, Mr. Frodo.
Pippin: And now, since you're going, you realise we have to come with you.
Merry: And you can trust that we'll stick to you like glue.
Frodo: You're all coming with me?
Fredegar: I'm not!
Frodo: You're not?
Fredegar: Well I'm not going into the Old Forest! It's scary. You'll see that I'm right! Don't worry though, I'll stay behind and tell Gandalf where you went, when he finally comes. If he finally comes...

Chapter six
Old Forest: We.... don' here.................
Merry: Okay, I respect your right to say that, but I don't think you really needed 10 pages to do it, do you? Carry on everyone!
Pippin: Yeah, I really don't like it here after all. Fredegar was right. :(
Merry: I'm sleepy.
Pippin: Yeah, me too.
Sam: *looks sleepy*
Frodo: Don't be sleepy! We have to get.... I'm sleepy...
Hobbits: *falls asleep*
Sam: Well, I guess if everyone else is going to let the horses go free, I'll have to be the one what goes after them.
Frodo: *splash!*
Sam: Frodo!
Frodo: The tree tried to drown me!!
Sam: Now Frodo, are you sure you weren't dreaming?
Frodo: No, I... well, maybe... Hey, where are Merry and Pippin?
Sam: The tree! The tree swallowed them!
Frodo: Doesn't seem so strange that the tree tried to drown me now, does it?
Sam: Let's burn them out!
Frodo: You know, burning things just doesn't work in these situations...
Merry: Stop, stop the burning! He'll kill me!!
Frodo: See. Told you.
Tom: *sings*
Frodo: Eh?
Tom: *SINGS*
Frodo: Help!!
Tom: Oh! What are you doing here? Rather silly to get caught in tree roots, don't you think? Here, let me help you out. Now, follow me, but I'm going to run faster than you can follow. Come on, follow, it's getting derry dol dark!

Chapter seven
Goldberry: Hello, I'm Goldberry the River-daughter. Tom will be back soon, and then you can sleep safely here.
Tom: Oh now, look at that weather. Don't think we'll be seeing much of the sun today.
Frodo: Yay weather, now we don't have to go anywhere further just yet. In fact, I'm sick of all this traveling. My feet hurt already.
Tom: Then let me tell you a story! It's about the age of trees, and of men, and of the kingdoms, and wars they fought, and in the beginning, only the Elf-sires were awake....
Frodo: I think he's falling asleep...
Tom: Not asleep. I am older than you, and was here before Big or Little People arrived. I was here before the kings and those kingdoms. Before the Elves and before the Dark Lord...
Goldberry: Alright, that's enough of that. How about some food, hmm?
Tom: Yes! Food! And then we can talk about you. Like your Shire, and the flight from it, and the Riders, and oh, hey, that reminds me, let me have a look at your Ring.
Frodo: Sure, here you go.
Tom: Thanks!
Frodo: ... Hang on...
Tom: Haha, look at me juggle and look at me wear it and lo, I have not disappeared, and oh dear, where has it gone?
Frodo: Where has it gone!
Tom: Fooled you. Here it is. :D
Frodo: Is that still my ring...? *puts it on*
Merry: Hey Frodo... Hey, where did you go?
Frodo: He he he.
Tom: Now now, not everyone is as cool as me. I can still see you and I say take it off.
Frodo: Okay.
Tom: Good. Now, where were we? Ah yes, completely belittling the power of the Ring...

Nikki Watson.